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    Digital Marketing Company California

    Contizant Technologies, the Digital Marketing company California is your one-stop solution for all the Digital Marketing technology and services needs. We employ custom digital marketing services and technology tools tailored to the client’s requirements and investment for promoting the brand online. We design the strategies in such a way that promotes your business to reach the zenith of success through the exposure of your brand online to a massive customer base. Our team of highly experienced digital marketing experts made us the best Digital Marketing company California. Contizant Technologies thrives to deliver the best planning and services that enable advanced-level Digital Marketing followed by Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaigns, and Content Development. Being the best Digital Marketing company California, our strategies are sure to enhance your enterprise’s presence online and get your business more sales by converting huge web traffic. We at Contizant Technologies, the best Digital Marketing company California very punctual about the delivery of services without making any exception or extension to target delivery dates.

    Digital Marketing Company California

    Services We Offer

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is the quantification of page ranking and traffic on the website. At Contizant, as a Digital Marketing company California, we strive to deliver the best SEO Services in California and globally with our team working as per Google’s SERP algorithms and guidelines to increase website or app traffic.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media platforms have multifold outreach statistics than printed media. Our SMO (Social Media Optimization) department works on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The rules governing social media are very different vis-à-vis print media. Being the best Digital Marketing company California, we guarantee that your business or services will get more outreach than you are getting now.

    Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click, or PPC is a form of paid search engine marketing techniques to increase relevant audience traffic exponentially for your business or products. Our group of PPC campaign experts are well versed in running PPC that enables the users to find your website faster than your competitors. Our Google AdWord Certified professionals, as a part of long term advertising strategy, ensures that your business gets sustainable traffic growth.

    Content Writing

    Contizant Technologies, one of the leading Digital Marketing company California, is experienced in delivering high-quality, objective, and plagiarism free content for your blogs, websites, apps, videos, podcasts, and news media platforms.

    Lead-based Marketing

    Lead-based marketing conveys loosely targeted communications to broad categories of target readers, bringing in lots of unique leads that may or may not be of focus for your brand. At Contizant Technologies, we employ a proven and secret recipe of lead-based marketing, that attracts more relevant leads and minimizes your cost for marketing campaigns.

    E-commerce Marketing

    Our e-commerce marketing campaign is arguably the best in town. We offer solutions for digital marketing on e-commerce sites that boost the visibility of your product, optimizing the cart, organising the sale, and secure the payment gateways. With billions of dollars of sales made on e-commerce sites, by hiring the best Digital Marketing company California, you make sure that your company can also benefit from this huge transaction globally.

    App Store Optimization

    Contizant Technologies offer the best App store optimization (ASO) service globally. We help you in boosting the visibility of a mobile app like iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone apps. Your app finds the top viewership from app marketplaces like App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone or BlackBerry World for BlackBerry.  Contizant is a dynamic and powerful ASO service provider. Our result-oriented approach the best online visibility, better ranking, and maximum ROI for your apps.

    Marketplace Optimization

    Marketplace Optimization helps you in reaching out to the relevant customer faster than your competitors. Just like the SEO for Internet search engines, Marketplace Optimization is similarly for online marketplaces and e-commerce sites. Marketplace Optimization is all about ranking your product up in a marketplace so that customers prefer your offerings over the others.  Being the best Digital Marketing company California, Contizant Technologies always employ modern and trending tools to run Marketplace Optimization projects for your business or products. We expertise in marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.

    Digital Marketing Process

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    Strategic Planning

    Extensive brainstorming over business goals, brand marketing strategy, and revenue model.

    Tactics Identification

    In-depth industry and market research to identify the best digital marketing tactics that will suit the business needs.

    Tactics Implementation

    Implement tactics like SEO, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing (Blogging & Article Writing), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

    Analytics And Assessments

    We gather extensive analytics data on digital marketing progress in the form of Google Analytics, form submissions, leads created, website traffic, likes, shares, etc.

    Why Choose Us

    Customized Strategies

    Technical Excellence

    Budget- Friendly

    Higher ROI

    Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. How do you define digital marketing?
      Digital marketing is spreading your product to the people who might want it, in a calculated approach through mediums like mobile phones, computers, web browsers, SMS, emails, etc.
    • 2. Do you think my enterprise will get any benefit from digital marketing?
      Absolutely! Digital marketing offering from SEO company in California will bring a multifold increase in web or app traffic, more leads, and such leads are converting to sales.
    • 3. Why do I need content marketing?
      It is an inexpensive way of digital marketing. Through informative and useful content, your business can create product awareness, leads, traffic, and sales by hiring an SEO company in California.
    • 4. How important a blog is for my business website?
      A blog is the most used method for distributing marketing content on a platform over which you have absolute control. Contizant Technologies is the best SEO company in California that can help you manage a trending blog.

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