Latest digital marketing trends of 2021

Date : 03 Apr 2021      Author : Contizant       Category : Digital Marketing     

Sales and marketing heads of many businesses know that consumer behavior is unpredictable. They also understand that in today’s competitive market, conventional advertising and marketing approaches are less effective and need to shift towards the latest trends in digital marketing. The entire marketing vertical has now shifted to the digital domains of mobile phones, computers, tablets, wearables, and gaming consoles that are digital marketing trends. The future of digital marketing will be Big Data analysis, AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, etc. Contizant Technologies, a leading global Digital Marketing agency employs the top digital marketing trends of 2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2021—Ten Things To Know

Our experts suggest that the latest trends in digital marketing are highly technical, demanding unique customization abilities, ROI delivering capabilities, and cost-effectivity. The onset of global economic volatility due to the pandemic demands more deliverables and readiness for the future of digital marketing.

Here are the top ten digital marketing trends that successful businesses should follow in 2021:

A. The Amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence

  • AI is the latest trends in digital marketing. The sooner the agencies will enter the domain will face less competition.
  • AI can interpret massive customer data to suggest meaningful points which could enhance sales. 
  • AI will also dominate the marketing industry by customer behavior learning and predictive analysis through the future of digital marketing.

B. Friendly Marketing Approach

  • Agencies are implementing chatbots to engage customers through conversation.
  • Some companies are also using real chat associates who interact with the customers in a conversational tone. 

C. Tailor-made Offerings and Approaches

  • Digital marketing agencies are putting more stress on the customized marketing approaches. It is one of the leaders of many digital marketing trends.
  • Consumer product and food manufacturers can run video campaigns that would personalize the product image with the consumer through pre-filled personal inputs from the user. It would increase click and conversion rates. 

D. Social Media Texting Apps

  • Brands can reach out to their customers for services and sales inquiries through social media texting apps.
  • These platforms can be of significant advertising importance as billions of users use such apps now and then.

E. Image-based Search

  • The garment sales industry widely utilizes image-based search, one of the top digital marketing trends of 2021.
  • Many e-commerce apps are offering image-based searches which effortlessly find products of consumer’s choice. 
  • Pinterest Lens offers the option to search posts depending on images of the camera.
  • Google Lens is also contributing a lot of impact in books, apparel, barcode, billboards, flyers, brochures, paintings, and object-based marketing. It is becoming the future of digital marketing

F. Intent-rich Moment

  • The intent-rich moment is also known as micro-moments.
  • People often perform voice searches using keywords like “I want to know,” “I want to go,” “I want to eat,” “I want to buy,” “I want to book,” etc. 
  • Through advanced AI-powered audio devices, businesses can gather important leads and also convert searches to sales. 

G. Smart Speakers & Voice-based Searches

  • AI-powered programs and hardware enable the widespread increase of smart speakers and voice searches from several e-commerce brands. It is one of the top digital marketing trends.
  • Many voice search platforms like Alexa, Okay Google, Siri are generating millions of leads for businesses. 
  • Voice-based shopping is more effortless than sitting in front of a PC or swiping on smartphones. 

H. Push & Ad-hoc Notifications Through Browsers

  • Digital marketing analysts suggest that browser push notifications are the latest trend and more effective than newsletters. 
  • Users can sign up for browser push notifications rather than marketing emails and newsletters. It is becoming one of the latest trends in digital marketing.

I. Revamped Content Marketing 

  • Content marketing will continue to be the top digital marketing trends of 2021.
  • Google and other search platforms are continuously updating their search algorithm that seeks more accurate and informative contents.
  • Setting up a fast-acting website, good content, and useful links that will help a website to rank is one of the many digital marketing trends.
  • Content marketing requires fewer investments but can boost your brand’s trust.
  • It also increases conversion rates to up 5 to 6 times than other approaches. 
  • Small businesses get more leads from website blogs than those with no web blogs. 

J. Interactive Social Media Posts

  • Technologically advanced digital marketing agencies are creating interactive image posts that allow checkouts from social media platforms. It is one of the top digital marketing trends of 2021.
  • Businesses are leaning towards post content like 360° videos, embedded calculators, polls, quizzes, and augmented reality. 
  • Interactive ads, contents, posts, and videos increase user engagement and ultimately helps in converting a lead to sales. 

Concluding Words

Contizant Technologies, as a leader of digital marketing agencies, knows that the latest trends in digital marketing will be the automated, personalized, and concise approach to consumer needs. Cloud-based digital marketing trends are now a reality. The future of digital marketing will depend on the growth of cloud services. Our article helps you to understand and prepare for the top digital marketing trends of 2021