Quick Tips For Gaining Instagram Comment

Date : 01 Dec 2020      Author : Contizant       Category : Technologies     

Quick Tips for Gaining Instagram Comments

In the current scenario, where the entire world is dealing with a pandemic of Covid 19, instagram is one of the best ways for businesses to connect with their customers. Interaction is considered as one of the important aspect of Business. Consider these some quick facts about how to gain more comments via Instagram. You could follow these tips to become the best Digital Marketing Company in USA.

1. Host a giveaway

A giveaway is fun, easy, and simple. You can promote a contest, and then have users enter by commenting on your post. The contest itself can last anywhere from a weekend to an entire week or even an entire month. 

2. Host an Instagram takeover

A takeover occurs when one Instagram user takes over another’s feed for a day or so and posts from their point of view. Besides bringing fresh and fun content to the table, it’s also a brilliant way to generate more engagement with the audience.

3. Ask users to engage in the comments

One method of receiving more comments is the simplest thing you can: ask. Post content on Instagram that’s desirable to share and ask users to answer a question or tag themselves or their friends or their family in the comments.

Asking the audience to interact with you or your brand exudes a humble aura. People will feel seen and appreciated, which is always a wonderful thing for both the producer and the consumer. This method opens the door for one of the funniest and easiest ways to interact with your audience.

4. Post something funny, surprising, or provocative

Humor will always be one of those things that connect us and build trust. If a product or company makes us laugh (not out of absurdity for the product in and of itself), consumers are more likely to be interested in your product than your competitor’s. It’s as simple as that. If you’re a master of it, social media is one of the greatest ways to sell your product.

5. Post videos

Reminder: Instagram isn’t just about pictures. Instagram users who watched videos increased by 40% in 2016 with users now able to post videos up to 60 seconds in length. Post this engaging content to give your audience the opportunity to stop for a couple of seconds, sits back, and relax.


Considering these tips should not only help grow your following but help bring you closer to your followers on a more personal level by having the opportunity to interact with your awesome and truly unique customers. Comments offer account holders the ability to interact with their audience on a level that was simply unavailable before the digital age we now live in